Current Sales Rate Required for Resale in Sale Invoice Form?

rinki123rinki123 Member Posts: 367
Hi Experts,

I am creating a Sales Order(1) then post it into Invoice,now I have received some Sales Return against that Sale Invoice, after Return Receipt I want to resale that return quantity through Sales Invoice,for doing this I am using Function->Copy Document->Posted Return Receipt.

But through this process I have received Last Invoice Rate in line level which is store in that particular posted Invoice,logically this is correct but my client wants that when they select copy document function->Posted Return Receipt for Resale through Sales Invoice it will fetch current Sale Order rate(P.O. Rate) which is present in that related Open Sales Order(1) and if rate is currently changed or Revised then it will automatically comes in Sales Invoice screen through Copy Document Function or using through some other option.
How can I do it????? Thanks in Advance :)

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