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grouicgrouic Member Posts: 34
Hello !

I want to see how my database is growing. The Database information gives me the used size.

Is it possible to export this data with a dataport ? Is there a table that contains this information ?

Thx for your help,



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    ufukufuk Member Posts: 514
    You can use Database File to get the physical file size and Table Information for the size per table. Second one may help you but it's too slow. I am not sure if there is any other place you can get the info you required in Navision. I think best method implementing this is using SQL. As far as I remember there was a built-in procedure which supplys database size related information.
    Ufuk Asci
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    grouicgrouic Member Posts: 34

    I forgot to mention we are using a C/Side database (not sql server). The physical file size is static (8Go).
    Thx for the help,

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