NAV security question. Enter Sales Quotes but that's it

cvealecveale Member Posts: 135
I have a client using NAV 2009 SP1, classic client.

The want to set up a Role so that their outside salepeople can log into NAN and enter only Sales Quotes, but have read only access to all the other Sales documents (Sales Order, Sales Invoices, etc).

now I have made a role that give access to the Sales Header and Sales Lines table by using tabledata.

But this give them access to all the Sales Documents. How can I have them enter in Sales Quotes but only read access to the other Sales Documents ?

Do I have to go down to the form level security ?


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    SogSog Member Posts: 1,023
    Yes, because the modifyable sales documents (quote,order, return order, invoice, ...) are all in the same tables: Sales Header & Sales Line
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    cvealecveale Member Posts: 135
    How do you do this ?

    If i give them access to the table data for the Sales Quotes, It will give them access to all the Sales documents.

    It seems TableData overrides form data.

    Any idea how to set this up ?
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    matttraxmatttrax Member Posts: 2,309
    I suggested a solution to your same post on the other site.


    "You could look into Security Filters if they are on SQL Server. That would be the only way to allow specific access to a table based on a field in that table (Document Type).

    Form level won't really work, because you say they need access to all of the forms for quotes, orders, invoices, etc. You would have to make separate forms that do not allow inserts, deletes, or modifies and base your Form level permissions on those rather than the base forms. This also has the disadvantage of maintaining two forms."
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