Get around divide by zero.

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Here is an expression that returns 1 when x is zero (or the original value if it is not zero)

x = figure below division line, also figure below division has max 2 decimals
The 100 below is to cater for -0.01 <= x <= 0.01
new value := x + 1 - round(x*100 / (x*100+1))



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    But wont it do a div with zero if x=-0.01 :wink:
    And if x=1 or -1 it returns 1.01 or -1.01

    I don't understand what you are trying to do :-( Just to make sure - are you trying to make this logic, but as a calcultaion?
    if x=0 then x=1;
  • g_dreyerg_dreyer Member Posts: 123
    Correct, if x=0 then x=1 without the use of an if statement.
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    If you found the solution I think it is something which I cannot recommand for use. The understandability of the code will be too low... If is faster and clear...
    And in many cases if you divide with 0 it means that there is some problem around...
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