Default Location Code on Inventory Put Away

yohanayohana Member Posts: 38
Dear All,

Has anyone found a scenario where default location code on Inventory Put-away set to location code on last no of inventory put away.
Let's say now I'm on put away #2 (user: OK; Location: "A"), when I create #2 record, NAV automatically inherit location code (Location Code "B") from location code defined on put away #1 (created by user: WE; Location: "B"). It'll cause a miss permission when user "OK" is is try to create a new record because user "OK" is not registered for location "B" on warehouse employee setup.
Any idea?

Thanks & Regards...


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    AndwianAndwian Member Posts: 627
    This is a known issue, and I believe that it is a :bug:
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    yohanayohana Member Posts: 38
    Dear Andwian,

    If this is a bug, do you know the number of Knowledge Base?

    Thanks & Regards,
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    krikikriki Member, Moderator Posts: 9,098
    [Topic moved from 'NAV Three Tier' forum to 'NAV/Navision Classic Client' forum]
    Regards,Alain Krikilion
    No PM,please use the forum. || May the <SOLVED>-attribute be in your title!

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