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Hello everyone,

I am writing a batch to Download/upload file from FTP in Nav R2.I found many post on mibuso related the process using window script or autoFTP(or any third party shareware).I am not able to find any OCX/dll for FTP automation in Navision.
I also try it using DotNet type variable(R2) but i did not find member DownloadFile in webRequestMethods+Ftp Assembaly.
Please tell me if anyone have some idea.

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    This can be a solution if the uploading/downloading of the files is asynchronious.
    First you export the files from NAV to a specified folder. A job or service can upload periodically all the files in that folder and afterwards move them to a different folder or remove them.
    This job can also download all the files from the ftp to a specified folder. In NAV you can refresh this folder periodically and import when files are detected.

    If it can't be done in one step, you should consider multiple steps :)
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