Print Amount Total on the top of report

vandangvandang Member Posts: 101
Hi expert!

My customer want print report 38 with a little customization. Instead of Net change is printed at the Account Type =End-Total, it should be printed at Account Type = Begin-Total. Because I duplicated report 38, it used Integer as DataItem. I think GroupHeader is not helpful in this situation. Any idea is appreciated, thanks!


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    KisuKisu Member Posts: 381
    hmm.. maybe write a function that uses same filter(s) as when calling the report and calculates the total amount (like it does on the body section) and returns it to a global variable which you can print at the beginning?
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    vandangvandang Member Posts: 101
    Thanks for answering, Kisu!

    The main filter report is for Date Filter while Account Type and Indentation are needed to filters here. Could you explain why when I using setrange or setfilter, report is also group as the result I get, I just want to group and calculate but not for showing such thing.
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