How to use Service Management Module

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We're currently not using the Serv Mgmt module and I'd like to get back to using it the NAV Standard way, if possible.

Our NSC, originally set us up to use Resources for things like Freight and Warranties, and then cooked up some code to link the use of certain Resources to the creation of Service Item cards.

That is the extent of use at the moment.

As I understand it, they did it this way because our management didn't want to have the CSRs go into another module to enter warranties, and because our customers didn't want to receive 2 orders - one for the product (video conferencing equipment) and one for the warranty.

We're also using the Call Center module to track trouble tickets regarding video units.

My questions are:

1. what is the NAV standard way of selling service contracts, and how does that link up with the Sales Order and Service Item card?

2. When issuing a service order, how does one associate charges with it? I could find no field on the header or lines for amount.

3. Can someone give me a quick overview of how this module should be used, especially in conjunction with Sales Order and Call Center Mgmt module?

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