Report.Runmodal for process only report

amkdmkamkdmk Member Posts: 34
edited 2011-08-25 in NAV Three Tier
Does anyone know if the Report.Runmodal works for process only reports in the RTC? I'm seeing inconsistant results. Sometimes it runs, sometimes it looks like it steps over the code.

If it doesn't work are there any alternatives besides rewriting all the code?

Never mind. The report was running but was failing on a certain record due to filtering that I didn't see at first. It's good to walk away from your code every once it a while! :D


  • RCerratoRCerrato Member Posts: 8
    I'm having the same issue here. Does anybody knows if the report.runmodal is not supported by the RTC Client??

    Thank you.
  • Rob_HansenRob_Hansen Member Posts: 296
    The RTC should support report.runmodal fine, EXCEPT for reports that only have a classic layout (that run in the classic report viewer). If you call one of those with report.runmodal, it will be treated as a
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