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Hello all,

I've got the following issue : we develop a report using "Arial Narrow" font. Unfortunatelly, this font was not installed on the production serveur (application server). We've installed it. Now, we can use this font on the server (in Wordpad), but not in the report saved as pdf ! Definition of the report in VisualStudio is correct. We try to compile all, restart the application service without success. Is there any other operation to do ?

Thx for help, Experts !



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    PDF files created by SAVEASPDF command are without embedded fonts. (AAAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!) :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown:
    This means you need to install all fonts used in PDF on the machine you use to view them, otherwise your pdf viewer will choose an alternative font.

    This is true for Nav2009 Nav2009SP1 and Nav2009R2
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    But ...

    You mean that, if I take my PDF file on another machine with the font installed, I will see it correctly ?
    No chance, I try to open the pdf on my own PC with the font Arial Narrow installed and I've got the same problem ...
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    I've just checked on my local and it works properly.
    Ufuk Asci
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    Try this:
    Open PDF file with a PDF viewer (I Use Acrobat Reader X, but I think you can do the same with othe viewer)
    Use (I refer to Acrobat reader) File --> Properties --> Tab Font.
    This show information about font used in PDF an font used by pdf viewer.
    If PDF file doesn't embedd font and the viewer cannot find the correct font on your machine, you will see the font name used instead of the correct one.
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    Just ran into the same issue that my custom font was not included in PDF file.

    Easy fix is to restart the computer, then custom fonts will be included in the PDF file.

    Made a small blog post where I also attached a sample report with a barcode font embedded.

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