Infomation about SEPA payments?

ddelchevddelchev Member Posts: 6
Hello ,
Is there new SEPA payment addon for nav 2009 R2 ?
If someone has found some information please share :)


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    SogSog Member Posts: 1,023
    Microsoft has released support of SEPA payments. The one's I found on Partnersource are for Finland and Belgium.
    Unfortunatly I didn't find such a release for Bulgaria.
    Remember that the update you need might be designated as an update for SP1.
    R2 and SP1 have the same updates. (since a specific version of NAV 2009 SP1)
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    ddelchevddelchev Member Posts: 6
    I need it for Germany not Bulgaria. I installed SEPA last year but my clients told me that there is new version of SEPA payments and so i search at partnersource and didnt find new updates so i decided to write if someone knows something :)
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    ddelchevddelchev Member Posts: 6
    I got some info but still i cant find the new version of SEPA. I need CCT version 2.4 if someone has info please share.
    Thanks in advance D.Delchev.
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