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I have a customer who runs NAV 2009 SP1 with SQL 2005 on Windowa server 2008 i have made a codeunit to serve as webservice and there was no problems for a long time. In the beginning the setup was running on a Windows server 2003 now it is moved to a 2008 server and here the problems begins.

The webservice is called from a ASP.NET site and it stil runs with no problems but when i add som new function call to the webservice in the NAV codeunit so the .NET program need to update the ref. there is problems with the ref. login we can type the same login 10 - 15 times with access denied and then suddenly it works.

In the event log on the NAV server there is this error every time a login failes:

Type: Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Service.WebServices.ServiceBrokerException
Message: Service "Codeunit/FjedreWeb/$metadata" was not found!
at Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Service.WebServices.MetadataManager.FindServiceItem(String fullName)
at Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Service.WebServices.MetadataManager.FindWsdlAdapter(String fullName)
at Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Service.WebServices.ServiceBroker.MetadataFor(UrlParser relivantURLPart, Uri orginal, TextWriter output)
at Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Service.WebServices.ServiceBroker.Invoke(Boolean isSoapMessage, String serviceName, Uri url, XmlReader input, TextWriter output, String sid)
at Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Service.WebServices.NavWebService.<>c__DisplayClass3.<>c__DisplayClass5.<ProcessMessage>b__1()
at Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Service.WebServices.Disposer.Scope(Code code)
at Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Service.WebServices.NavWebService.<>c__DisplayClass3.<ProcessMessage>b__0(StreamWriter streamWriter)
at Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Service.WebServices.WCFUtil.GetPopulatedMemoryStream(StreamFillingCallback callback)
at Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Service.WebServices.NavWebService.ProcessMessage(Message message)
at SyncInvokeProcessMessage(Object , Object[] , Object[] )
at System.ServiceModel.Dispatcher.SyncMethodInvoker.Invoke(Object instance, Object[] inputs, Object[]& outputs)
at System.ServiceModel.Dispatcher.DispatchOperationRuntime.InvokeBegin(MessageRpc& rpc)
at System.ServiceModel.Dispatcher.ImmutableDispatchRuntime.ProcessMessage5(MessageRpc& rpc)
at System.ServiceModel.Dispatcher.ImmutableDispatchRuntime.ProcessMessage4(MessageRpc& rpc)
at System.ServiceModel.Dispatcher.ImmutableDispatchRuntime.ProcessMessage3(MessageRpc& rpc)
at System.ServiceModel.Dispatcher.ImmutableDispatchRuntime.ProcessMessage2(MessageRpc& rpc)
at System.ServiceModel.Dispatcher.ImmutableDispatchRuntime.ProcessMessage1(MessageRpc& rpc)
at System.ServiceModel.Dispatcher.MessageRpc.Process(Boolean isOperationContextSet)
Source: Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Service.WebServices[/i]

I have tried to recompille all object with no luck, i just tried to open the RTC client and had another error something like (Translated from danish) "Maximum lenght for a string is 10"

hope somebody can help

Best regards Lars


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    Is your login longer than 10 chars? May be some problem with this...
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  • welanderwelander Member Posts: 20
    Yes the login is more than 10 but it is the same login as used on windows server 2003 and here there was no problem.
  • welanderwelander Member Posts: 20
    New information, the problem with login to the RTC has nothing to do with the webservice problem and has been solved. When updating the webservice ref. in visual studio it looks like we are getting prompt with login for each funktion in the codeunit thats why we are getting prompt 10-15 times i think.
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