Calculate Invoice Discount on Prepayment Invoice

yekedeyekede Member Posts: 96
Hi all,
In standard nav, when you calculate an invoice discount on a sales order, if the order has prepayment %(ex: 50%); the invoice discount does not show on the prepayment invoice. I need the invoice discount to show on the prepayment invoice. Can i solve this without adding code? Any idea about this?


  • RainerRainer Member Posts: 100
    No. The invoice discount is based on how many mony do the customer buy for total, therefore you need code to solve.
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  • firozansarifirozansari Member Posts: 3
    Dear All,
    I have same query as above ,I am doing prepayment on Purchase order with Invoice discount but discount amount not featuring when I preview the prepayment , Could any one suggest me how to do the same.

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