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navuser1navuser1 Member Posts: 1,329
Dear all,

I'm killing someone's session but still he can work in the same log in. How can it be possible ?
I'm killing the session thru manual process or code in the Nav 2009 Database.

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    ufukufuk Member Posts: 514
    Maybe it's a big transaction and rolling back takes a long time?
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    krikikriki Member, Moderator Posts: 9,096
    1) are you using classic or RTC? In RTC it is possible that the session restores the connection
    2) are you sure you're killing the correct session ID?
    3) are you sure you have enough privileges on SQL server?
    Regards,Alain Krikilion
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    kinekine Member Posts: 12,562
    Some builds of NAV 5 looks like they have reconnect functionality. I have notice this too when disconnecting idle clients and after that they still can continue in work...
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    nasheernasheer Member Posts: 78
    may know how to check reconnect functionality? Is there any way to overcome this issue?

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    datha91datha91 Member Posts: 7

    I am having the same issue running on Microsoft SQL 2008 R2 , NAV 2009 R2 Classic Client.

    I am using a script to kill idle session that are of certain minutes and upwards.

    I have tried killing the sessions manually to make sure it has nothing to do with the code.
    Apparently it seems that the NAV automatically re-login when the user starts to get active again.

    Has anyone found a solution to prevent the auto log in?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks.
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    chichi Member Posts: 17

    Is it necessary to prevent auto reconnection? After testing the script to kill idle session (Microsoft SQL Server 2008, NAV 2009 sp1 CC), I saw that the result is ok because of reasons below:
    1. When user1 nav session is disconnected, there is already 1 room for another user connect to -> that is my expectation.
    2. After that, if there are enough 20 nav sessions connect to (for kind of license 20 session), it is certain that no more nav session can connect to at that time because of the error "Your program license does not permit more users to work simultaneously...".
    But at that time if user1 active and do something on his/her previous disconnected nav session, this nav session will be reconnected. Count concurrent connected nav session, you will get the result is 21. Is it very strange? And I like that.
    Please share your idea if I have any wrong.

    Best regards
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