Sepa update Export text file for Belgium

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we imported sepa upate and isabel update in a 2009 R2 version. (PS51399(SEPA) + PS53213(ISABEL))
now when we make a vendor payment, we manually change the amount and then export it using the report 2000001 (file domestic payments), we get an error that the sum of invoices and creditnotes cannot be 0.
As far as I can see, the problem is not with the datarecord but with the footer where the total of the lines is put into. When you do not change the amounts, you get a correct file. when you change an amount the code wants to create a seperate line, and then the generation of the total line is not correct anymore.

Did we do anything wrong when importing or are there other people with the same problem (and eventually a solution?)

Benny Giebens
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