Server 3.7 and 4.0

mb@btlmb@btl Member Posts: 14
Hi guys,

I would like to install a Attain server 4,0, without deleting the server 3,7. Without success. Also an additional installation of server 3,7 after server 4,0 is not possible. As a keyuser there are several versions of our database on my Notebook including server, which I cannot reject yet.

Who knows advice?
Greetings form germany!


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    jemmyjemmy Member Posts: 247
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    Hi there,

    The important thing to accomplish this task is make your installation folder in the separate locations.
    For example: you have installed Navision 3.7, then you have to create the other folder for Navision 4.0, you need to choose Custom while the wizard dialog asking typical, complete, or custom to place a different folder of installation.

    hope this helps you.

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    zarrynzarryn Member Posts: 29
    There is detailed information on how to run more than one server service on the same machine in the w1w1ism.pdf. This manual should be in the doc folder on your installation cd. Refer to section 1.6 "Running More Than One Server on Page 21. I hope this helps.
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