Applying Multiple Cash Receipts entries to 1 Invoice

knmknm Member Posts: 170
Within the same Cash Receipt Journal Batch (or even when using different Batches), is it possible to partially apply the Cash Receipt's multiple "Payment" entries to the same Sales Invoice?

When I use the "Apply Entries" button, if I try to apply multiple Payments to the same Invoice, it will only remove the previous "Applies-to ID" from the page, before subsequent payments can be applied to the invoice, which result in ONLY ONE payment can be applied.

(If I use the "Applies-to Doc. No." then I was able to select one Invoice for multiple payments, BUT I was unable to partially apply the Payments to the invoice. If I were to use this page, then I need the capability to Partially apply the payments)

Is this how NAV is designed? So that unless the Payment Entries are posted, you can only apply one Payment to an Invoice at a time.

Please let me know.

Thank you.



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    SavatageSavatage Member Posts: 7,142
    I'm not in the a/r dept here but I believe when this occurs (rare for us) an invoice that has multiple deposits they can do it one at a time or!!!!

    Just not apply the deposits to the invoice directly in the deposit ticket but leave them unapplied.
    Then they go into the customer afterwards - into the cust ledger entries & use apply entries to apply them all together.
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