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Dear Experts,
i have some items,my data entry operator forgot to mentioned Unit of measurment with some items at the time of item creation.

Now we have changed the prices for those items. But problem is that it is not updaring the store with those new prices, Because unit of measure is missing.

When i am trying to fix this or when i am trying to edit UOM the system is giving error. " Item cannot be modified because it has one or more Ledger entries". So basically i can't modify the item with UOM.

Is there any way through coding that system would enable me to modify this field???

Just for clarification!! the same problem occured during the implementation with ITEM TRACKING CODE.

Then the guy who implemented he wrote some codes and now we can edit it anytime we want it will not give that error.

I don't know what code he wrote i have tried by going the c/AL code of item tracking code field as well, but i coudn't find something related to it. n i don't have interaction with him. So i thought i could find the solution here if anybody knows where to give that code!!!

Kindly help me in this!!




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    When you want to change Base UOM, NAV checks ILE records by TestNoOpenEntriesExist function. This function checks if there is a open record for this item. If you comment this function then you can modify this field. But this is not a recommended practice. (You have to be careful about all the related tables using uom)

    You should better make reverse entries to close open entries then change the uom on item and re-create the reversed entry with correct UOM.
    Ufuk Asci
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