Automatically add new data to other companies

WarrenLiuWarrenLiu Member Posts: 14
Hi Guys

I set up 3 companies in the same Database. Any time when the users add/modify a new data (item card,vendor, account ....), they have to type the same data on each of the three companies. Is there a way to type in one company and then update the same tables in the other two companies?


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    gedollgedoll Member Posts: 10
    I think if you set the table's property of "DataPerCompany" to 'No' , you can solve it . O:)
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    eromeineromein Member Posts: 589
    Wow.... Not so fast!!!!!

    Be very carefull with that property! Do some serious tests first!

    Maybe you can make something like a sync. function between the different companies.

    Also check this download : http://www.mibuso.com/dlinfo.asp?FileID=275
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    g_dreyerg_dreyer Member Posts: 123
    Hi Warren,

    Basically why you need to be careful is because a person forget to set up posting groups and other related table information.

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