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fahdfahd Member Posts: 226
Dear Experts,
We are changing the prices for items continiously. So is there any default report in Navision that we can review or like if we can see the history of price changes???


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    AndwianAndwian Member Posts: 627
    There is a master setup for Purchase Price.
    You should fill this table.
    And from this table you could generate a report.
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    fahdfahd Member Posts: 226
    Dear Andwian,
    Thanks for the reply. But we have stored prices in Table 7002 "Sales Price". I can get almost all the data here but the only thing i am missing is the description field. Is it possible if i can get that description field in that table??

    If yes than what programming codes i have to give in the Table's design so that i can get the "Description" Field?? I am talking about item's Description.
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    vijay_gvijay_g Member Posts: 884
    If you are talking about item description then you need to add a field Description in table 7003 with field type flowfield and formula is Lookup(Item.Description WHERE (No.=FIELD(Item No.))).
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    vaprogvaprog Member Posts: 1,130
    If you do a Report you will most likely want to have a Dataitem for the Item table anyway, for selection and structuring purposes, and you will likely need to show more information concerning the item anyway. Thus, enhancng the table 7002 might not be needed for you.
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    fahdfahd Member Posts: 226
    Dear All,

    thanksssss alot it's done i can see that field now Thanks alot once again !!!

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