How to make the cursor go to the next line?

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Hi Experts

How to make the cursor go to the next line after scanning barcode in NAV ADCS? ](*,)

Thanks in advance.


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    henrikmhenrikm Member, Microsoft Employee Posts: 66
    Disclaimer: I do not have any knowledge on NAV ADCS.

    Generally: If you take the Sales Order Lines repeater (Page 42) as an example then when you press Enter the focus changes to the next field. It should be possible for the barcode scanner to send an enter ('\n') command after the barcode is scanned and send.
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    SavatageSavatage Member Posts: 7,142
    I also need the disclaimer :( I do not have any knowledge on NAV ADCS.

    our scans are always the same # of characters so with a combination properties we are able to jump lines

    Maxlength //our scanfield is 12
    Autoenter //once scan is complete .. self explanitory
    NextControl //go back to the scan field (ID#)

    OR as above, most scanners, if you have the manual, have pages of setup barcodes that you can add.
    From adding a special character to forcing a return that way.
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