Field Level permission

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Field Level permission
Just a few lines of code in the change log entry table and a table for the setup to manage permission on insert/modify/delete of fields that are under log.

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    Nice and simple solution :thumbsup:

    However, I will suggest changing two lines of code for performance reasons:

    IF lRecUserFieldPermission.FINDSET THEN
    IF NOT lRecUserFieldPermission.ISEMPTY THEN

    IF NOT lRecUserFieldPermission.FINDFIRST THEN
    IF lRecUserFieldPermission.ISEMPTY THEN

    To improve the performance even further I would move the code to a new single instance codeunit, that loads the new table into a temporary table at first execution.
    If you are using SQL and NAV2009 R2 (or later 8)) I will suggest considering using the new triggers in Codenit 1 to catch all kinds of modifications - both direct and indirect.

    But great and simple solution - thank you for sharing =D>
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