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stonystony Member Posts: 122
I have create a C#-Windows Project. In this project, there are several classes which I shall use in Navision.
Is this possible and how can i do this.
At the moment I only have a Exe-File.



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    deV.chdeV.ch Member Posts: 543
    In R2 you can use .NET assemblys. Put your Classes in a Class-Library instead of the exe application. This Class Library can then be used in NAV (RTC only of course). You need to put the assembly in the Addin's Folder of Classic Client & Service Tier / RTC (Depends on if you want to use it client- or server-side)

    More about .NET interop: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/nav/archive/2010/10/27/net-interoperability-in-nav-2009-r2.aspx
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    stonystony Member Posts: 122
    I need this in Claccis Client. I can´t put these classes in a Class-Library because I use a reference to a another DLL and I must sign the reference DLL in this application. It is not possible to sign a DLL. So, I only can´t create a class-library.
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    matttraxmatttrax Member Posts: 2,309
    I'm certainly not a .NET expert, but I create signed class libraries all the time. That or Visual Studio just ignores it when I set them up that way.
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    stonystony Member Posts: 122
    Visual Studio ignore it, that right but when I start the navision-form with that automation server, I get the message box from this third party dll "It´s in Demo Mode".

    Can Navision communicate with windows service?
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