CRM 2011 Integration with NAV

ShaggsShaggs Member Posts: 36
edited 2011-04-21 in Dynamics CRM
I'm trying to integrate CRM 2011 with Dynamics NAV using the "Connector for Microsoft Dynamics". In the past I have gotten this working with CRM 4.0 (in a test environment), but for the life of me I cant get it working for CRM.

I have installed thte connector v5 (I think that is the current version), and am trying to integrate between an online CRM 2011 and a local NAV 2009 R2. I suspect the problem maybe the template. I'm using the default one that was installed (or maybe pre-existing, as I had just uninstalled v4 of the connector), which may be configured for CRM 4.0 only (and not 2011).

So, without going into to many specifics about my problems, am I'm wondering if I am right about the templates. Are they version specific? Will I need a specific template for CRM 2011? And if so, where can I get it from?

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