Unable to add languange

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Hi Experts,

firstly apologies if this topics has been answered. as i already tried and read few topics related to add languange in RTC but the topic is not solved.

I am using Demo Database Norway and have installed Norway language both in classic and RTC R2.
I can change languange in classic and see there are 2 languages there (english & norway).
but in RTC, i see nothing. not even English.

I installed RoleTailoredClient.Local.No.msi from installer folder in NAV cd.

appreaciated any suggestion. thanks!


  • mihail_kolevmihail_kolev Member Posts: 379
    you mus install the language pack for service tier too
    -Mihail- [MCTS]
  • swjswj Member Posts: 68
    firstly thanks for the reply.

    may i know language for service tier is inside which folder in the nav cd ? and this is must b installed in the RTC server?
    for your info, I installed RoleTailoredClient.Local.No.msi on my client only not in RTC server. do i need to install in the RTC server as well?
  • mihail_kolevmihail_kolev Member Posts: 379
    for R2 the installer is \Installers\[Language Code]\Server\Server.Local.[Language Code].msi . You need to install it on the machine where the middle tier (the "Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server" service) is running.
    -Mihail- [MCTS]
  • swjswj Member Posts: 68
    hi mihail_kolev,

    installed in NAV Server and i can select the language now from my pc. thanks! :thumbsup:

    i am using citrix, when access navision from citrix, i can't see the language option.
    tried to install from ..installer\[language]\RTC\RoleTailoredClient.Local.No.msi, but it failed.

    if you can advise if we need to install this file or from service (i doubt so because it is not NAV Server)?

    very appreciate your info.

    thank you
  • mihail_kolevmihail_kolev Member Posts: 379
    sorry, cant help about the citrix... :(
    -Mihail- [MCTS]
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