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thing I would like to ask about is blocked page edition, it's only possible after choosing actions->edit. Editable property is set to yes, I would like to edit it normally after launch. What may be the problem?


  • wilk_uwilk_u Member Posts: 93
    it's a card page, adding records to list page
  • Tommy_SchouTommy_Schou Member Posts: 117
    I think your problem may be related to the way you access your card page.

    In the RTC the default view of a given table has changed. In Classic you would most often open a card page. Ie. when you view customers in the classic client the first form to open is the card form. In the RTC this is no longer the way to do things. Instead you open a List page with all customers and if you want to edit one you can double click it which will automatically open the Customer Card Page in Edit mode.

    So the solution for you is likely that when you open whatever your table is supposed to contain you should open a list page and from there the Card Page on double click which will then per default be opened in Edit Mode by the RTC client.
    Best regards
  • thmartinthmartin Member Posts: 90
    Actions have a property called RunFormMode to decide if you open the page in View, Edit or Create mode.
    Thomas Martin
    NAV Developer
  • wilk_uwilk_u Member Posts: 93
    I see.
    Thanks again, Tommy.

    RunMode is on edit, I was thinking about it too.
    It seems Tommy's right if I understand You correctly.
    Thank You too.
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