Scan a code barcode and fill in a text field ???

SPost29SPost29 Member Posts: 148
I have a table called RGA Rejection Reason
with 2 fields

Code (10)
Description (30)

The code is printed on a sheet of paper as a barcode with the description beneath it.

I have an entry form with one control Rejection Reason

Can I have my user scan in the barcode (which is code) and have Rejection Reason description filled in by the description field from the table?
without having to capture and store the Code field

I also would like the user to be able to type in a random and should be rare text reason into the rejection reason field if they need to.

hope you can help


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    j.marseloj.marselo Member Posts: 102
    i believe you can. you need textbox where nextcontrol is itself, so you cursor will not run anywhere.
    then you can add code in afterinput() with thistable.description := "RGA Rejection Reason".description
    so you dont store the "RGA Rejection Reason".code in thistable.
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