File Transfer Manager and IE9

deprodepro Member Posts: 46
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Hi Guys,

Maybe this is not the best place to put this topic, but i need to get some halp with File Transfer Manager and IE9.

So the problem is FTM doesn`t start on my computer.
After ageemet to run FTM on my computer i get error message posted as attachment.
Of course there wasn`t any golden bar with Install activex option.

I`ve configured Activex in Internet Options

I can not find any information or user forum on site.



  • kapamaroukapamarou Member Posts: 1,152
    2 things I noticed when I did it. The yellow bar is at the bottom and it works on the 32-bit version. It working fine on my computer.
  • deprodepro Member Posts: 46
    Hi kapamarou,

    My problem was 64-bit IE9 version, in 32-bit FTM works correct.

    Thank you very much.

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