Filtering a Dataitem

SoumyadipSoumyadip Member Posts: 209

i want to filter a dataitem of a report by taking inputs from request form.
how can i achive it?



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    Iqbal_FebrianoIqbal_Febriano Member Posts: 66
    On the YourDataItem-PreDataItem section you can put a SETRANGE or SETFILTER based upon the value you catch from a request form.
    If you can be more specific, maybe I can help you with some codes :)
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    SoumyadipSoumyadip Member Posts: 209

    I have first data item Prod.Order & second dataitem is item ledger entry.
    if i give item no in first tab can i filter item ledger's info by that item no
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    RobertMoRobertMo Member Posts: 484
    Put following code in OnPreDataItem of Item DataItem:
    "Production Order".COPYFILTER("Source No.",Item."No.");
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