Double click problem

wilk_uwilk_u Member Posts: 93
edited 2011-04-05 in NAV Three Tier
it can be a total newbie question but I have a problem with double click not working. I've made my own list page, it displays records from table, everything works fine. CardPageID property is set to my card, right-click for record and choosing edit displays card, same for actions->edit but when I double-click the record nothing happens. I tried to display my card from default cronus list pages with exactly the same results.
Is there an option I should change or maybe I'm just missing something?
Thank You for any help.


  • Tommy_SchouTommy_Schou Member Posts: 117
    If you check the properties on your page then "Editable" is probably set to <Yes>. Change this to "No" and your doubleclick will probably work. :)
    Best regards
  • wilk_uwilk_u Member Posts: 93
    Tried it today, that was it :)
    Thank You :)
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