WEBINARS: 6 webinars about the new Mergetool

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Mergetool.com will be conducting 6 webinars about the new Mergetool.

Monday April 4th 1:00 PM EDT 2011: What is new in the Mergetool
Monday April 4th 3:00 PM EDT 2011: Mergetool - Online Help Tool
Tuesday April 5th 1:00 PM EDT 2011: Mergetool - Source Code Analyzer
Tuesday April 5th 3:00 PM EDT 2011: Working with Companies in the Mergetool
Wednesday April 6th 1:00 PM EDT 2011: Code Clean-up with the Mergetool
Wednesday April 6th 3:00 PM EDT 2011: Translation of a solution using the Mergetool

If you are interested in attending can you sign-up from the web-site. http://mergetool.com/products/mergetoolhistory.html

The latest version of the Mergetool can also be downloaded from the web-site. (Update your partner developer license in PartnerSource to get full access to the source code).
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