Calculation of VAT % on Purchase Line

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Currently I'm trying to figure out how the "VAT %" on the Purchase Line table gets calculated, but having trouble understanding. And FYI, I'm running the NA version of NAV 2009 R2.

Right now I have the following line entries:
Item_No.____Quantity____Direct_Unit_Cost____Tax %____Tax Base Amount____Amount Including Tax

*Both of the lines uses the same Tax Detail, where the Tax % = 9.25.

What I don't understand is in the second line of the example.
Even though the Tax Detail is setup so that it uses the 9.25% as the Tax %, why does the Purchase Line table say that it's 9.25002?
Is NAV calculating the Tax in order to avoid rounding issues?

Please let me know.

Thank you.


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    quidammquidamm Member Posts: 12
    Yes, I'm seeing a very similar issue in our client's database on the Sales Order side. The DB is NAV4.03 while the client and server have had a technical upgrade to NAV2009R2 Classic.

    Item_No.____Quantity____Unit_Price_Excl._Tax____Tax %____Tax Base Amount____Amount Including Tax

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