How to force $0.00 Direct Unit Cost on Purchase Line

knmknm Member Posts: 170
I'm currently trying to find out a solution how I can force the Direct Unit Cost on the Purchase Line to be always $0.00, so that values from "Last Direct Cost" or "Purchase Price" will not be pased.

I originally thought that setting the Pruchase Price to $0.00 for certain Vendor and Item combination would always set the "Direct Unit Cost" to $0.00, but it turned out that if the Purchase Price is set to $0.00, then instead NAV uses the "Last Direct Cost".

Please let me know if you have any good idea on how to achieve this goal.

Thank you.



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    stanpstanp Member, Microsoft Employee Posts: 13
    you can add a line of code to COD7010 (NAV60R2)
    CalcBestDirectUnitCost(VAR PurchPrice : Record "Purchase Price")
      BestPurchPrice."Direct Unit Cost" := 0;  // add this line
      PurchPrice := BestPurchPrice;
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    knmknm Member Posts: 170
    I think this will work out perfectly!

    I needed this because when creating Purchase Order, every order's Direct Unit Cost will fluctuate.

    Thank you.
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