Online Map Parameter Settings

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Nav 501 on native database, Outlook 2010

Current map parameter settings in table 801:
Local Map URL: http://maps.msn.com/home.aspx
Local Directions Find URL: http://maps.msn.com/directionsfind.aspx

This redirects us to the Bing "directions" online map which shows the location with a blue pushpin. However, that pushpin disappears when the map is printed. In Outlook 2010, the online map pushpin is orange and stays when printed. Note the Outlook url is ...?v=2&where1=... while the NAV url is ...?wip...

Here is the URL from Outlook 2010:
Here is the URL from NAV for the same address:

Truefully, we'd rather use Mapquest. Outlook 2010 can be configured to use Mapquest, how can this be done in NAV?

Thank you!

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