NAV 5.0 SP1 application error on Windows Server 2008

H005808H005808 Member Posts: 6

My application worked fine with a native database (on Nav 5.0 SP1).
However, since we migrated to SQL (on Windows Server 2008) we see that our NAV client (finsql.exe) craches, especially when we run several forms modally.
For example : we start with a card-type form, from which we open a look-up form , there we use a search function, after that we open a card-type form again for more details, and then a new look-up and so on... All those forms are run modally, and we should end up with the first card form after closing every single form one after another.
But the system craches with the error : "Microsoft Dynamics NAV has stopped working".
On the native database this wasn't the case.

Has anyone experienced the same problem, or even better, found a solution ?

Thanks in advance !


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    H005808H005808 Member Posts: 6

    I solved the problem by installing NAV 5.0 SP1, "Upgrade 2".
    The previous version that caused the problem, was : NAV 5.0 SP1, build 26084.

    Kind regards,
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