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circocirco Member Posts: 2

I have a problem with usernames that contain Swedish characters (åäö), in that when I try to specify a Main menu for these users it doesn't recognize the username. In Navision the foreign characters are displayed as something else, e.g. the user svån.östergärd is displayed in Navision as: svÕn.÷stergõrd.

Is there some fix to get Navision to display these characters correctly?

Very greatful for any help on this!!


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    philippegirodphilippegirod Member Posts: 191

    If the text has been written in Navision, this problem should not occurs... Did you import the user data in Navision ? In this case, your problem comes from the fact that Navision use a ANSI pagecode but Microsoft other programs use ASCII (MsOffice,...). If the problem comes from there, use the Ascii2Ansi conversion codeunit (download page).

    When you try to write a swedish name in Navision, it stays in swedish. If it's in a code field, it is translated in uppercase but it stays with the same characters : SVÅN.ÖSTERGÄRD.

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    KowaKowa Member Posts: 918
    IMHO Navision uses ASCII i.e. DOS-Text instead of ANSI.

    If you have a ANSI-Textfile ( special characters look right when using Windows editor), open this using Wordpad and save a copy of this file, setting the file type to "Text (MS-DOS)". If you open this file using the Windows editor,
    the special characters will look wrong ( though they will look right again if you open the file using the command line editor)

    If this DOS-Textfile is imported into Navision the special characters should be okay. We have similar problems here in Germany with our "üöäÜÖÄß".
    Kai Kowalewski
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    RobertMoRobertMo Member Posts: 484
    IMHO2, how about to avoid the special chars in usernames?
    You say users will disagree? Ask them what's their email address?

    It may happen that they will try to login on some other PC with different keyboard and they might just spend sometime to find it. It’s even harder for passwords, since you cannot see the chars. (But to keep the same level of security, you can always use longer passwords.)
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    eromeineromein Member Posts: 589
    Is M$ going to hear about this? Seems like a Navision feature :wink:
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    utouto Member Posts: 36
    I also have the problem about non-english characters. For the menu suit (Navision 4.0), the menus which there are non-english characters , are not display properly. But the non-english chars for the items are right. How can I correct it?
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