Dimension wise restrictions

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Hi all,

wish u a very happy new year...

Is it possible to give dimension wise user restriction in navision 3.70 HF 10(india)..

The situation is i have
"Accounting Location" as Global Dimension 1
"Division" as Global Dimension 2.
"Region" as Short Cut Dimension 1.

now i want to restrict the user according to these three dimensions..

for example... if a user with
A/c Loc --> "Mumbai"
Division --> PROD
Region ---> NORTH.

logs in to the system he should see only the datas pretaining to that dimensions... this includes the master datas also...

I'm using SQL Server as database...

Please let me know if u have any solutions...

I have tried...
1) restrictions using resposibility centre (which restricts only in the transaction level)...
2) Field level security..

But was in vein...

please write to me if u have any solution for this...

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  • kinekine Member Posts: 12,562
    Security filters are designed for this. But it is hard to setup them, because you need create roles for each value etc. And sec. fitlers are correctly working sience 3.70B... before there was problems with FlowFilters...
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  • ganeshganesh Member Posts: 32
    thanks for the reply...

    Through security filters i could able to filter by golbal dimension 1 and global Dimension 2 since these two fields are in all the master table itself(say customer table).. but i couldn't do for short cut dimensions since these values are stored in another table(Default Dimension)...

    i have one idea that is including all the short cut dimensions in the master table itself(customer master) but this becomes a lengthy propose as it should be done in all the masters and transaction table...

    i just want to know wheather therez any other way out for this problem...
    if (better is possible)
    good is not enough
  • krvenkatakrvenkata Member Posts: 154
    Hi Ganesh

    How did you solve the problem as mentioned in your post? I am in similar situation and need an answer to resolve this...

    Please let me know


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