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Hi all,
I would like to have some advice on this:
I have a organisation which does not have a buy and sell activity. They function with donors who donate money for their activities. In this scenario, the organisation make disbursement requests to the donors, and when this is accepted, the organisation waits for the donor to pay. So i consider donor as customers(let me know if i'm wrong). The issue is that i don't want them to see customer cards, customer bank accounts etc..I want to change all this to 'donor card, donor bank account etc..'
What will be the right way to do this?
-Change the captions on the forms and use customer tables?
-Create new forms that use customer tables?
The problems in the first two options is that some customer captions keep popping up(ex when i click on Donor card, donor -> Dimensions, i come up with Customer 001-Default Dimensions)
-Create new tables and forms for donor? But in this case i will have to redesign the whole processes as it is for customers
I will appreciate any advice on this issue


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    change the caption of customer table and all the captions of fields/tables that contains "customer" word.
    it's going to be a boring work. You can train some key users to do it, if they've the license, but tell them to be careful: change the caption, not the name! ;)
    in this way, as they incur in some "wrong" caption, they're able to correct it (and of course, warn you about their modification in order to keep the development environment aligned).
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    Thanks Belias for your advice
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    There are customized solutions available for non-profit organizations. In the Netherlands offers a solution based on NAV / CRM. I think they partner with Serenic.
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