TDS For Refund entry to Customer

sprabhucpplsprabhucppl Member Posts: 58
I am using Nav 2009 SP1, I have to pass refund entry to a customer after deducting TDS. how to define NOD/NOC lines for Customer. if select Customer in NOD/NOC Header, system shows only the TCS nature of Collection.

kindly help to shot this problem.


  • mgmuthamgmutha Member Posts: 55
    Hi Prabhu,

    What type of transaction you want to pass related to Customer ? Becuase if you dealing with customer and you want to deduct Tax then TCS will be application and not TDS. TDS is related to transaction with Vendor.
    Manish Mutha
  • sprabhucpplsprabhucppl Member Posts: 58
    Hi Manish,

    I have to pay interest to to the deposit collected from customer. for the payment i have to deduct the TDS. in what way i can deduct the TDS for customers.

  • ssinglassingla Member Posts: 2,973
    There is no standard functionality of deducting TDS from customer. You need to define the customer as vendor and then deduct TDS.
    CA Sandeep Singla
  • mgmuthamgmutha Member Posts: 55
    Hi Prabhu,

    I also encounted the same problem for one of my client. You can follow below process as a workaround solution:

    1) Create TCS Setup with -ve % in the setup.

    2) Define TCS Nature of Collection code = TDS NOD (will be used for further technical coding purpose).

    3) You have to do minor modification in Codeunit 12 which will link TCS NOC with TDS NOD and will insert TDS Entry instead of TCS Entry based on TCS NOC <-> TDS NOD. Change in Codeunit 12: FUNCTION [InsertTCS(GenJnlLine) and InsertTDS(GenJnlLine)].

    4) Use Sales Credit Memo functionality to book such type of transaction.

    Hope this can help you out.
    Manish Mutha
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