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I am new to this great forum and the MS Dynamics NAV product but I need to solve one problem. I've tried to find a solution in many forums but I didn't success. :cry:

I would like to make a solution for MS Dynamics version 5 or 2009. Generally I need the NAV to connect to a firebird database and obtain some data. A firebird server (and the database) runs without any problems. I have successfully installed the last official Firebird ODBC driver to MS Windows but I don't see that driver in the NAV, so I am not able to use it anyway (not showed in the "Automation Server List"). That's the problem.

But maybe there is another and more elegant solution how to connect to a firebird DB.

Thank you for your replies.


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    Have you tried ADO?

    Waldo's post has a how to in here.

    The connection string can be found here.
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    Hello, I really thank you for your reply!

    Actually yes. :-)
    When I use ADO to connect to a MS SQL server, there is no problem. The connection string looks like this:

    ADOConnection.ConnectionString('Provider=sqloledb;Data Source=;'
    + 'Initial Catalog=CronusNAV5;USER ID=sysdba;Password=passphrase');

    I was surprised that there is necessary to specify the Provider parameter (not mentioned in connectionstring examples).
    So similarly I can put the connection string for Firebird:

    ADOConnection.ConnectionString('Provider=???;Data Source=;'
    + 'Database=C:\database.fdb;User=sysdba;Password=masterkey');

    But the problem is that I don't know what I should to specify for the Provider parameter. Without this parameter I get an error message
    "The call to member Open failed. Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers returned the following message:
    [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found and no default driver specified."

    My temporary solution is that I have specified the DSN Data Source Name (in the ODBC Data Sources Manager) named "FBlocalhost" and now I simply call this connectionstring:


    and the connection is successfully established but this solution is not too elegant. :-/
    I don't really know how to solve it.

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    Provider=Firebird Provider;

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    you should try JDBC connection atleast one time.Your problem is occur when you are not write a connection string properly.
    Another solution is that, if SQL server cant support, you can connect with access also.
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    [Sorry, read too fast. This answer had already been given.]
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    that's great to hear that answer from here finally !
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