quick question, print Footer text on reports

kikkomankikkoman Member Posts: 57
i have a simple question that i can not figure out :-k

i need to be able to just print on each footer of every report a label with some text on it. that is all....very simple,.....

1)when the 1st data item which is NOT indented does not have a footer section on the report, i just add a footer section and put "PrintOnEveryPage" and "Print onBottom" properties to Yes.
This works fine....

now the problem I have is this,

2)when the 1st data item which is NOT indented already has a FOOTER section, it can be 1 or several, i can't seem to do what i want, which is to place a text on a label on every report at the bottom.... i try to add new Footers or existing ones, and changing the PrintEveryPage properties, but can't seem to do it.....
Ex. Is report #10306-User Time Log...this report already has a FOOTER section, so when i try to add another FOOTER or change the existing one, it won't do what i want....
I can get the text on each page, but it also puts the "Report total" on each page, and I do not want this....i want the report to have the "Report total" on the last page like it originally is, but then add text to the bottom of every page on the report....

you can think of this like a signature or watermark on each page!!!

this seems simple, but i can't figure it out ](*,)

i hope i was thorough in the explanation!!!!
any help is greatly appreciated!!!!
thanks and i hope everyone has a Happy New YEAR!!!! :lol:


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    g_dreyerg_dreyer Member Posts: 123
    Look at the cheque report, or look at the copy loop in the invoice report.

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    kikkomankikkoman Member Posts: 57
    can i just add a section to the report, or do i have to add a section and write some code???

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    kikkomankikkoman Member Posts: 57
    oh yeah, i think i'm getting somewhere!!!!....i just went into the report and added a new Integer dataitem, which was the very 1st data item. It is NOT indented, but then all of the original dataitems that were there before, i just indent them under the new Integer dataitem.

    ex. (original dataitems)
    ..FA Assignment

    (now after my new Integer dataitem)
    ....FA Assignment

    (dots above are like spaces!!!)

    Then in my Integer dataitem, I place a Label with some text, and then I add the section Integer Footer to the very bottom of the sections.....then I put the "PrintOnEveryPage" and "PrintOnBottom" properties to YES....this will print each text or watermark or signature on every page that i want...woo hoo \:D/

    i'm not sure if this is the best approach???? so any other alternatives would be helpful!!!!

    hmmm...but now even if there are no records that match my criteria when i run the report, it still says there is 1 page generated....and that page has nothing on it except for the text or signature that i wanted on every page....DOH!!!! #-o

    .....i am assuming that i have to place some code in the new Integer dataitem!!!! i will try to figure this out, but if anyone out there has hints or clues, please feel free to post and help me through this or point me to the correct path :arrow:

    thanks in advance again!!!!
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    kikkomankikkoman Member Posts: 57
    got it.....woot woot :whistle:

    i just had to place some code in the new FOOTER section of my new Integer dataitem that said if it doesn't find a match, then do not show the report otherwise if it finds a match, show it....

    here is an example of what i had above...

    Integer-Footer section..
    IF Job."No." = '' THEN
    CurrReport.SHOWOUTPUT := FALSE;

    oh yeah!!!!!......but i still would like to know if there is an alternative way of doing this b/c i have lots and lots of reports i need to change, and was just wondering what was the most efficient way..or faster that is...hehehe
    b/c this way is tedious b/c of all the reports...but if i think about it, it doesn't matter what you do, if it has to be done to alot of reports, it will be tedious no matter the problem!!

    but i still would appreciate any suggestions!!!!
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    RobertMoRobertMo Member Posts: 484
    Instead of changing all (!) reports you could think of using preprinted paper. Of course if the text is static.

    What about putting the text in the header. Most reports already have a header.
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    kikkomankikkoman Member Posts: 57
    yeah i was thinking about the preprinted paper, but i don't think the company was going to spring for that, and they wanted it on the footer only....so no go either way..hehehe....but im happy because it turns into billable hours for me working on all those reports!!!! :D

    thanks for the feed back though RobertMo.....appreciate it!!!!
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