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bekiobekio Member Posts: 204
Hello everyone,

In Bank Account Card, i have displayed Date Filter Field, and i put a range of dates(or one date), i thing that filed Balance at Date should be filtered, for that bank and the date filter. It is not happening.

Any suggestions!




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    mohana_cse06mohana_cse06 Member Posts: 5,504
    I hope you have shown Balance at Date field also in Form

    this vl be calculate from 0D..Maxvalue(datefilter)
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    vijay_gvijay_g Member Posts: 884
    You can also check exact scenario in G/L Account.
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    jannestigjannestig Member Posts: 999
    hej bekio,

    From you you have said it seems you are trying to apply a date filter to the statistics screen on the bank account rather the the GL account linked to the bank.

    Yes i tried it in R2 and it seems to not take a flow date filter into account.

    I would just use the functionality provided already Bank account button > balance

    It has a special form already setup for this
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    bekiobekio Member Posts: 204
    It is ok, but just to put the Balance to Date and Balance to Date LCY to the Bank Account Card, and it is calculated.

    Thanks for your answers.

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