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I'm trying to get up to speed with RDLC reporting.

On the Customer/Item Sales report (report 113), in the classic version, we've got an extra option called 'Summary Report', and in the Integer, Body (1) section there's some code to show the output of the section or not:
IF SummaryOnly then

I've created a new Boolean called 'Hidden' and added this to the report as an invisible field in the same body section. In the RDLC layout, I have also added this as an invisible field on the Table Row. I want to set a visibility expression to show or hide the whole row depending on the value of the field. However - there's already an expression there and I'm not sure how to modify it. The existing expression is
=IIF(Fields!ValueEntryBuffer__Item_No__.Value = "",true,false)

Can anybody suggest what this needs to be changed to?



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    The code checked if Item No. is blank then print the values otherwise no.

    Leave the logic as is and add your to it
    =IIF(Fields!ValueEntryBuffer__Item_No__.Value = "",TRUE,FALSE) and 
    (not SummaryOnly)
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    That was a good hint, thanks :-)

    I think I've got it working with
    =IIF((Fields!ValueEntryBuffer__Item_No__.Value <> "") and (fields!Hidden.Value = false),FALSE,true)
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