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BokkBokk Member Posts: 138
I am looking for the documentation on getting into the Navision database when the Admin(Super) password has been forgotten. I recall reading it quite some time ago, but can't find it currently. If someone has a copy or link, I'd really appreciate it.



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    Dean_AxonDean_Axon Member Posts: 193
    Hey Shelly,

    first question is are you running SQL or Native Database ??

    If SQL, then use SQL admin to reset your passwords and get back in.

    If native, then you could be in trouble.... :cry:

    UNLESS, your prepared to spend around $400 (CAN) to get the password from Navision HQ in Denmark. :shock:

    I think you try about 9 times and then you get a number that appears on your screen. You then contact MS with this code and they get you a ONE TIME ONLY code that matches this number you send to them. This will then get you back into the system.

    BEWARE: DO NOT under ANY circumstances press ANYTHING once you have this code. Wait till you have the code otherwise any attempt to login again will present you with a new number and cost you another $400.
    Remember: Keep it simple
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    g_dreyerg_dreyer Member Posts: 123
    Hi, as per the help file....

    If you have forgotten your password or user ID, you will be allowed an unlimited number of attempts to enter it. You can also request a new one from a user who has permission to change other people's passwords. If all the users have forgotten their user IDs or passwords (passwords are encrypted, so they cannot be seen anywhere in the program), you can get a special password from your dealer.

    This is what to do:

    1. Open Navision Financials.
    2. When the login window appears, enter ?????????? (10 question marks) as the user ID.
    3. The system will now display a window containing a code you must give to your dealer, who (for a fee) can give you a new password.

    Do not try to enter anything else before you enter the new password. The password you receive from the dealer can be used only once, so as soon as you have entered it, choose Tools, Security, Users and set up your own password.

    I am not sure if this works with all the versions, please check your help file.

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    SorcererSorcerer Member Posts: 107
    i think in attain (and mbs 3.70) you have to enter 20 question marks...
    in navision 4.0 is no longer a recovery available [-(
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    BokkBokk Member Posts: 138
    Thanks for your input everyone. I appreciate that.
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