Window Active Directory issue on CRM installation

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I am very new to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. I am facing a problem in installing Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0.

i am using Windows 2008 server OS with domain and active directory. My machine is on my company's domain and I do not have read, write permission to Active Directory.

While installing I am getting following error:

The following permissions are required for organizational unit and all child objects: read, write, modify permissions, create child objects, all extended rights. Current user does not have these permissions for the Active Directory Organizational Unit: DC=ind,DC=xyzcompany,DC=com.

It seems to me that I have to have read, write permission to the active directory to install CRM. I am attaching the screen shot of the issue.

My question to you, is there any way I can install CRM in my machine considering the fact that I do not have read, write permission to my company's active directory ?

Please advice. Thank you in advance.



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    SmallsSmalls Member Posts: 5
    Have you tried installing it under a Service Account which does have the required permissions?
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