Beginer need some help about pass value between forms

ForeverBlueForeverBlue Member Posts: 54

I am totally new(just start using it for 3 days) to this and try to teach myself. my question how do I make subform that take 2 or more variables from the main form. Use those to filter a table to display in the subform. i got how to filter by use setrange and set filter. I really don't get is how to take values from the main and after filter it to display in the subform. example would be great.

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    kinekine Member Posts: 12,562
    Question is, why you need to pass the values, when you can filter the subform directly from the main form.
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    PeterDPeterD Member Posts: 66
    Maybe he's so new to Navision that he didn't find the SubForm property SubFormLink yet?

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