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I have some locking problems with a NAV 5 database. A lot of Clients (about 40 to 60) and 5 NAS are connected to the database. Since few days from time to time the users can not work because the table "Sales Shipment Header" is locked (sometimes other tables also affected but most of the time it is table 110). The fastest way to remove the locking is to delete all sessions.
I am still not able to identify which session causes the locking. I used some reports of the SSMS, but they did not helped me.
What can I do?


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    That's odd. Using SQL server a deadlock should never occur unless someone layed hands on the table and "modified" something. You can always see the deadlock in the activity monitor in SSMS.
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    An easy way to find out who is locking who is to run the database sessions (File=>DataBase=>Information=>Tab sessions=>click on the "Current sessions" to show the form.
    It shows who is blocking who. But if you want also the resource that is blocked, you need to use sql server profiler. But at least you have an easy start to see who is blocking who.
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    This the same problem that i am also facing with my sql . So plz provide me the solution for thies problem.
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    Check out this one:

    I hope this could help you to identify the blocking and deadlocking issues.

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