Card Type form Runned From list type form don't allow F3

emkproemkpro Member Posts: 47
As you know in many tables in Navision there are two forms of a table a card and list type form when you start for example customers list and Shif F5 to a customers card then you press F3 it blanks the form whitout no error.
But I designed a new table and two forms for it and when I do the same Form No. Field (Table Pk) don't changes and I get an error that there is already a record whit that id. Is there anyone knows a solution to this.

I also need to ask what is a temporary table and how it is used (In cases like I need to use mark function)


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    emkproemkpro Member Posts: 47
    I found the reason for first one; (After hours of messing with the code you start to add semicolons to each column)
    And it turned out to be real easy ](*,)
    You need to write the code
    SETRANGE("No."); //No. Is the Table PK

    OnAfterGetCurrRecord() Trigger of card type form.
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