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I was having a look at the service management module. I've notice a strange thing..If I update the unit of measure for a service item which is linked to a contract, all the uom of all the service items are updated to that uom. And all the uom in all the contracts are updated to that uom. Let me give an example:
Assume service item SI001 - uom is changed to LTR
1. All the uoms for all the other service items are changed to LTR

Assume this service item SI001 is issued on a contract basis on contract SCI0098. The service item uom on the contract is changed. However, the uom of all the other items and on all the contracts are changed to LTR.

I would assume that once the uom of a service item is changed, the contract with that particular service item is changed, not all service items and all the contracts.

This happens on a CRONUS database on version 5.1.

Any insight on this?
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