Chronological no. series - invoices

Lec11Lec11 Member Posts: 91

I think many of you know the issue of chronological no. series for sales invoices. I guess most of the countries do not allow to create an invoice with bigger number on a date before the one that previous invoice was issued.

My problem is in italian localization. It's not for sales invoices but for something called autoinvoices, but I think it's kind the same thing. The user has created an invoice with the date 04.02 instead of 31.01. In Romania, this wouldn't be a problem ... you create a credit memo with 04.02 and go on with the invoicing on 31.01. But the italian accountant tells me that the law doesn't allow them to do that and they must change the date on the posted document. :shock:

I would like to know how the other countries handle this situation for sales invoices and maybe an italian person can tell me if these autoinvoices have a special treatment.

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